August Community Events

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Live Virtual Classes                       August 2020

Weekly Fitness Classes

Mondays 11:30AM – 30 Minute Stretch Out

Mondays 5:30PM HIIT FIT

Tuesdays 5:00PM Zumba

Tuesdays 6:30PM Mindful Movement

Wednesday 5:30PM HIIT FIT

Thursdays 4:00PM Vinyasa Yoga

Saturday 9:00AM Stretch and Tone Yoga–bkxTr–lUCnvsCNhQ

Sundays 10:00AM Awakening Yoga




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Cooking and Kitchen Events

Cooking and Kitchen

8/11 1:30PM CST – Minute Meals

8/16 4:00PM CST – Meal Prep Sunday

8/20 5:00PM CST – Craft Cocktails

8/20 8:00PM CST – Craft Cocktails

8/23 4:00PM CST – Summer DIY Cheese and Charcuterie Boards




 Art and DIY Activities


8/8 9:00AM CST– Houseplants 102

8/12 5:00PM CST– Paint & Sip

8/12 8:00PM CST – Paint & Sip

8/18 5:30PM CST – Glass Blowing Demo

8/18 7:00PM CST – Glass Blowing Demo

8/26 5:00PM CST Watercolors

8/26 Watercolors 8PM CST

8/27 5:30PM CST – Interactive Magic Show

8/27 6:30PM CST – Interactive Magic Show

8/27 8:00PM CST – Interactive Magic Show

8/29 930AM CST DIY Sugar Scrubs




Kid’s Corner

8/14 10:30AM CST- Kidding Around Yoga

8/19 2:00PM CST—Drawing: Kids Edition

8/22 10:00AM CST – Storytime with Dr. Peter J. Isikwe

8/25 1:30PM CST– Zumbini