Eliminate the Clutter at 7 Seventy in Houston With These Tips

There’s mail sitting on the kitchen table. There are shoes thrown all over the floor of your closet. The dirty laundry is, well, everywhere. If that’s what the inside of your apartment at 7 Seventy looks like, it’s probably time to de-clutter and get organized. To get started, follow these tips:

1) Discard and donate.
Every time the seasons change, you should re-evaluate your wardrobe. Toss the items that are worn out and consider giving the lightly used items you no longer want to charity. If you’d rather not spend hours cleaning out your closet, stay on top of this task on a daily basis. Place a donation bin somewhere in your apartment, and as you come across shoes and clothes you no longer want, toss them in the container.

2) Make the most of your storage space.
Everything should have a place. The keys, mail, and your wallet can be placed in a bin by the front door. The magazines should be stored in the magazine rack, or recycled when you’re finished reading them. Place trendy baskets, bowls, and trays around your apartment so that you can place loose items there. If you make sure there’s a spot for everything, you’ll reduce clutter and you likely won’t misplace items.

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